About John Beske

John Beske worked for more than a decade as an art director for various ad agencies including Della Femina-McNamee and Leo Burnett, and helped create ad campaigns and other materials for many companies including General Mills, Sony, Miller Lite Beer, McDonald’s, Unocal and Popsicle. Eventually he became disillusioned with some of the tactics used by mainstream advertising, and began to refocus his career on creating issue-oriented campaigns for nonprofit groups.

In 1996, John became the creative director for the groundbreaking nonprofit design firm Sustain, and over the next nine years created advertising and marketing materials for a broad array of environmental and social justice groups including Sierra Club, Earthjustice, Rainforest Action Network, True Majority, Global Exchange, Friends of the Earth, and many others.

In 2005, John left Sustain to form John Beske Communications based on the belief that the development of a sustainable economy is one of the greatest gifts we can give to future generations. In this new capacity, John has helped dozens of green businesses and organizations define their identity and message, launch new products and build their share of the marketplace.

To learn more about John’s business and work, please visit his website, JohnBeske.com

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