A video trailer for Marla’s new book

As I mentioned in a previous post, my wife, Marla Rose, has written a new novel that we plan to release as an eBook next week. This morning, we launched the book’s first video promotion on YouTube, with plans for several others to follow.

The video uses a combination of animation, voiceovers and music to recreate the mood of Marla’s buoyant yet gripping prose. At first, we didn’t want to show any hints of the characters, since we want readers to form the images in their own minds, but we finally decided that it would best serve our purposes to show some teasing, half-hidden or extreme close-up images of the teenaged protagonist.

We’re also redesigning the website to reflect the new look of the video. We’ll have that up shortly, at least several days before the release of the book.

We’ll keep everyone posted.

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One Comment on “A video trailer for Marla’s new book”

  1. Mark Says:

    Good article! Self-publishing is tough, fascinating, but well worth the effort (well, the ongoing effort). I just published my own 1st book:

    Although my website was an extremely quick’n’dirty effort, no where near the quality I want to do later. Promotion right now takes most of my time and effort. With critical mass approaching, I should be able to switch gears and improve that aspect soon.

    it’ll be interesting to watch your progress (but then, I remember y’all from all the AR conferences… Mark! (guy taking all the conf. photos))

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